Raízes Series

CITY: Estate of São Paulo
YEAR: 2009 - 2010

An artist is made of patience and madness, indifference to time and a dose of selfishness, as what matters to him is the light that will come a certain hour of the day, a certain day, a certain month, and that for sure he will wait for it…There is more than passion in this book, there is faith, obsession. The trees are shown as they really are: connection between earth (roots) and sky and lights ( branches and trunks). In the most primary symbolism tree is life, as much as waters…trees are the god’s way to move between heaven and earth.

Ignácio de Loyola Brandão

Ipê-amarelo no canavial - 2009
Ibitinga, São Paulo - Brazil

Figueira-brava - 2009
Joaquim Egídio, São Paulo - Brazil

Guapeva com Caviúna - 2009
Limeira - São Paulo - Brazil

Gameleira-brava - 2009
Ilha Bela - São Paulo - Brazil

Guapuruvu - 2009
São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo - Brazil

Pau-mulato - 2009
Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil

Figueira - detalhe - 2009
Descalvado, São Paulo, Brazil

Palmeira-imperial - 2009
Limeira. São Paulo - Brazil

Palmeira-imperial - 2009
Limeira. São Paulo - Brazil

Aroeira-Brava - 2009
Itapeva, São Paulo - Brazil

Peroba-rosa no sorgo - 2009
Descalvado, São Paulo - Brazil

Pau-ferro - 2009
São José dos Campos, São Paulo - Brazil