selected reviews

PresencesS Ryle Rexer - 2017Before the Story of Others Rubens Fernandes Junior - 2017guarapuava - imageS of and eternal return Rubens Fernandes Junior - 2013return to guarapuava Anne Wilkes Tucker - 2013PURE FORMS AND IMPERTINENT ABSTRACTIONS Rubens Fernandes Junior - 2010The Worship of Nature Lélia Rita Euterpe de Figueiredo Ribeiro - 2010The Tree Hunter Ignácio de Loyola Brandão - 2010The magic light of the waters of Valdir Cruz Emanoel Araujo - 2007THE WATER’S WAY James Enyeart - 2006O CAMINHO DAS ÁGUAS Edward Leffingwell - 2004FACES OF THE RAINFOREST Rubens Fernandes Junior - 2004FACES OF THE RAINFOREST Marina Silva – Minister of the Environment December - 2003FACES OF THE RAINFOREST Leica View - 2002Finding Art, and a Cause, in the Forest Lyle Rexter, The New York Times - 2002The last of the Yanomami Alex Bellos, The Guardian - 2002faces of the rain forest A. D. Coleman - 2000faces of the rain forest Ilan Stavans Hopschotch - 1999faces of the rain forest Edward Leffingwell, Art in America - 1998At home with Valdir Cruz; A Fragile World Through a Lens, Randy Kennedy, The New York Times - 1998faces of the rain forest Vicky Goldberg - 1997catedral basilica da nossa senhora da luz dos pinhais Edward Leffingwell- 1996catedral basilica da nossa senhora da luz dos pinhais Rubens Fernandes Junior - 1996